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British Amateur (The Amateur)

The Amateur Championship, also known as the British Amateur Championship is a golf tournament held annually by the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews in the UK. It was once considered a major tournament but its importance has declined after the 2nd World War.



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The Royal Liverpool Club of Hoylake, England, in 1885 held an informal championship tournament open to any British amateur golfer. A. E. MacFie was the winner, out of a field of 44 entrants.

Because of that tournament's success, the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews, Scotland, staged the first formal British Amateur championship the following year. In 1922, the Royal and Ancient ruled that the 1885 event belonged on the official list and that MacFie was to be considered the first British Amateur champion.

The tournament has always been held at match play. For the first 11 years, all matches were played over 18 holes. In 1896, the championship match was extended to 36 holes. Now the quarter- and semi-finals are also 36-hole matches.

Walter Travis, a native of Australia who had emigrated to the United States, became the first foreigner to win the championship in 1904. The first American native to win was Jesse Sweetser, in 1926. However, the most famous American winner of the competition was Bobby Jones, whose 1930 victory was part of the only known Grand Slam (winning all four majors in a calendar year) in golf history.


Year Name
1885 Allen MacFie
1886 Horace Hutchinson
1887 Horace Hutchinson
1888 John Ball
1889 Johnny Laidley
1890 John Ball
1891 Johnny Laidley
1892 John Ball
1893 Peter Anderson
1894 John Ball
1895 Leslie Balfour-Melville
1896 Freddie Tait
1897 Jack Allan
1898 Freddie Tait
1899 John Ball
1900 Harold Hilton
1901 Harold Hilton
1902 Charles Hutchings
1903 Robert Maxwell
1904 Walter Travis
1905 Arthur Barry
1906 James Robb
1907 John Ball
1908 E.A. Lassen
1909 Robert Maxwell
1910 John Ball
1911 Harold Hilton
1912 John Ball
1913 Harold Hilton
1914 J.L.C. Jenkins
1915-19 NOT HELD
1920 Cyril Tolley
1921 William Hunter
1922 Ernest Holderness
1923 Roger Wethered
1924 Ernest Holderness
1925 Robert Harris
1926 Jesse Sweetser
1927 William Tweddell
1928 Thomas Perkins
1929 Cyril Tolley
1930 Bobby Jones
1931 Eric Smith
1932 John deForest
1933 Michael Scott
1934 Lawson Little
1935 Lawson Little
1936 Hector Thomson
1937 Robert Sweeny Jr.
1938 Charles Yates
1939 Alexander Kyle
1940-45 NOT HELD
1946 James Bruen
1947 William Turnesa
1948 Frank Stranahan
1949 Samuel McCready
1950 Frank Stranahan
1951 Richard Chapman
1952 Harvie Ward
1953 Joe Carr
1954 Douglas Bachli
1955 Joe Conrad
1956 John Beharrell
1957 Reid Jack
1958 Joe Carr
1959 Deane Beman
1960 Joe Carr
1961 Michael Bonallack
1962 Richard Davies
1963 Michael Lunt
1964 Gordon Clark
1965 Michael Bonallack
1966 Bobby Cole
1967 Bob Dickson
1968 Michael Bonallack
1969 Michael Bonallack
1970 Michael Bonallack
1971 Steve Melnyk
1972 Trevor Homer
1973 Dick Siderowf
1974 Trevor Homer
1975 Vinny Giles
1976 Dick Siderowf
1977 Peter McEvoy
1978 Peter McEvoy
1979 Jay Sigel
1980 Duncan Evans
1981 Phillipe Ploujoux
1982 Martin Thompson
1983 Philip Parkin
1984 Jose-Maria Olazabal
1985 Garth McGimpsey
1986 David Curry
1987 Paul Mayo
1988 Christian Hardin
1989 Stephen Dodd
1990 Rolf Muntz
1991 Gary Wolstenholme
1992 Stephen Dundas
1993 Ian Pyman
1994 Lee James
1995 Gordon Sherry
1996 Warren Bledon
1997 Craig Watson
1998 Sergio Garcia
1999 Graeme Storm
2000 Mikko Ilonen
2001 Michael Hoey
2002 Alejandro Larrazabal
2003 Gary Wolstenholme
2004 Stuart Wilson
2005 Brian McElhinney

Most Wins

8 John Ball
5 Michael Bonallack
4 Harold Hilton
3 Joe Carr
2 Horace Hutchinson
2 Ernest Holderness
2 Trevor Homer
2 Johnny Laidley
2 Lawson Little
2 Peter McEvoy
2 Dick Siderowf
2 Frank Stranahan
2 Freddie Tait
2 Cyril Tolley

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